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The exams will be held at the

Cultural Center "Agios Dimitrios"

Wasserwerkstrasse 92

8037 Zurich

The days and times of the exams as well as the examinations fees are


Α1 (Children 8-12 ετών)   Tuesday, May 14             9:00*        110 CHF**


Α1 (Teenagers/Adults)        Tuesday, May 14             9:00*       110 CHF**


Α2                                    Tuesday, May 14           14:00*       110 CHF**


Β1                                    Thursday, May 16           9:00*       110 CHF**


Β2                                    Wednesday, May 15       9:00*       120 CHF**


Γ1                                    Wednesday, May 15     15:00*       120 CHF**


Γ2                                    Thursday, May 16          14:30*      120 CHF**


 * Oral exams are held immediately after the written exams.

** To avoid the extra cost of double conversion from and to Swiss francs, please make the payment in Swiss francs.The difference from the amount of the Center for the Greek Language is to cover the costs of the Zurich examination center.

Please note that the examination feeds cannot be refunded to the candidates that do participate in the exams.

The application must be filled in very carefully:

  • The name of each candidate must be written in capital letters, exactly as it is written on the proof of identity presented by the candidates or as you wish it to appear on the certificate (i.e. in Latin or Greek characters).

  • The level in which the candidates wish to be examined should be carefully chosen. The Greek Language Center does not recognize mistakes in the declaration of the level from the moment it receives the applications.

Along with their application, candidates are required to complete a questionnaire for statistical reasons.



The Greek Language Center offers diagnostic tests for a first assessment of the level of Greek language proficiency 



Sample exam topics for all levels can be found at the link 

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