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The Zurich Examination Center (ekZH) operates with the approval of the  Center for the Greek Language  (CGL) of the Ministry of Education since 2010. It is responsible for the organization of the exams for the certification of attainment in Greek.


General Information

The certificate of proficiency in Greek:

  • provides any user of Greek with an expert and objective opinion regarding the level of their knowledge and language skills

  • serves as proof of the successful candidate's level of attainment in Greek in the work market

  • is a requirement for the practice of various professions in Greece

  • allows citizens of European Union member states to participate in the examination of the Supreme Council of Personnel Selection (ΑΣΕΠ) for
    civil service positions (The Supreme Council specifies the required level of certificate in every announcement)

  • at Level B2 allows foreigners to register at a Greek institution of higher education, in case they do not have a Greek secondary education

  • at Level C2 allows citizens of European Union member states to prove complete knowledge and fluent use of the Greek language and
    thus be employed in a Greek institution of higher education

  Detailed information about the exams:

General Information
Exams 2023
Multi-Storey Library

Exams 2023

Candidates who have completed the 8th year of age on May 31 of the current year have the right to participate in the exams. However, Candidates younger than sixteen are advised to avoid taking the examination for levels B2, C1 and C2, as the examination content at these levels may require general knowledge and experience they lack.

The exams that are done in seven levels (A1 (children / teenagers), A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2) will be conducted in

Cultural Center "Agios Dimitrios"

Wasserwerkstrasse 92

8037 Zurich

The days and hours of the exams as well as the amount of participation are

A1 (children 8-12 years old)     Tuesday  May 23               morning*                100 CHF **

A1 (teenagers / adults)             Tuesday  May 23               morning*                100 CHF **

A2                                               Tuesday  May 23               noon*                      100 CHF **

B1                                                Thursday  May 25             morning*                100 CHF **

B2                                                Wednesday  May 24        morning*                110 CHF **

C1                                                Wednesday May 24        afternoon*              110 CHF **

C2                                               Thursday  May 25              afternoon*              110 CHF **


* The oral exam takes place Immediately after the written.

** To avoid the cost of double conversion to and from Swiss Francs when paying at the examination center and later when sending the amount to the Center of the Greek Language (CGL), please make the payment in Swiss Francs.

Each candidate may take part in the examination for more than one level, provided he has registered for each level. It is stressed that under no circumstances and for no reason whatsoever can the registration fee be refunded in case a candidate does not eventually participate in the examination. Moreover, under no circumstances can a candidate substitute for another candidate who does not wish to take the examination.

Application forms should be filled in carefully. The candidate's name must be written in capital letters just as it appears on their proof of identity. Special care should be taken when the level of the examination is specified – no such error may be corrected after applications have been forwarded to the CGL. A candidate may change examination centre under special circumstances only, provided that the CGL is informed and approves of the change at least one month prior to the examination.

Along with their application, candidates must also fill in a questionnaire (to be used for statistical reasons) and submit to the examination centre a certified copy of some valid form of identification (ID card, passport, driver's licence etc.).


The application and the questionnaire will be completed electronically.


The online application of the candidate can be submitted

from February 1 until March 27, 2023

(deadline extesion by the Center for Greek Language)

through the website of the Center for the Greek Language carefully following the steps and instructions given at the following address:  





Candidates who wish the help of the examination center for the electronic submission of their application, can send the printed application to the address indicated below

from February 1 until March 25, 2023

so that there is sufficient time to check the data.  

In case you wish to send the printed application, the required documents are:

  1. Application form:

  • your first and last name must be written in CAPITAL LETTERS either as it is written on the proof of your identity or as you wish it to appear on the certificate (in Greek or Latin characters)

  • carefully select the level you want to be examined

  The Zurich examination center has

number :      41003

and name:   Cultural Center "Agios Dimitrios"

  2. Questionnaire (attention: different for level A1 for children 8-12 years old)

  3. Copy of valid proof of your identity (identity card, passport, driver's license, etc.)

Applications and questionnaires:


Level A1 (children 8-12 years old):


Levels A1 (teens / adults), A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2:


Completed applications, the questionnaire and a copy of proof of identity must be sent to:


Christos Frouzakis


8802 Kilchberg

For additional infromation:

Ioanna Spilioti, exam coordinator

 078 967 5042 (Monday - Friday: 9:00 – 15:30, Wednedsay 9:00 – 11:30)

Christos Frouzakis, administrative support

044 261 9882 (Tuesday και Thursday 14:30 – 17:30)



The electronic or printed application form is accepted after the fees are paid in the account:

Account: 1100-2721.173
Zücher Cantonalbank, 8010 Zürich
Additions from: Verb. Greek. Elternverein "ARISTOTLE"
  8037 Zurich
IBAN: CH16 0070 0110 0027 2117 3


To avoid misunderstanings, please indicate the name of the examinee as a reason for payment.


The Greek Language Center offers diagnostic tests for a first assessment of the degree of proficiency in the Greek language  



Sample test questions for all levels can be found at the link 

Sample tests



Candidates are informed about the results from the certification website, using the test center code and the candidate code they received during registration. Under no circumstances should candidates contact the Greek Language Center for notification of results. The certificates of the successful candidates are also sent to the examination centers which mail them to the successful candidates.

Review of examination books:In case of failure, each candidate has the right, if he so wishes, to do soto the KEG the review of his/her examination notebooksat the email After submitting the application, the interested party must pay the amount of €60 to the bank account that will be given to him/her by the KEG.


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